Sunday, August 1, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/1/2010

1. "Why the Electoral College Matters" It's worked well for over two hundred years, and it's at the core of how we elect our presidents. Trying to get rid of it is idiotic in my opinion.

Representative Sample: The other major reason to maintain the Electoral College is that it confirms the federal nature of the United States government. It is not surprising that the impetus for the compact is coming from heavily Democratic states. Direct election of a president would place a premium on wholesale politics.

2. "Interesting Reading: Howard Zinn was a Communist after all" An actual communist, not just someone with communist-like views. Links to an extremely detailed article.

Representative Sample: If Joseph McCarthy was good for anything, it was to drive the Communists more underground, and force the far-left in this Country to change tactics. The Far-left shifted away from the loyalty to communism to more of a subtle Marxist theme of social justice.

3. "The Diplomat: U.S. Starting Asia Space Race?" Let's hope so.  

Representative Sample: On April 22, the US.. Air Force launched into orbit the world’s most sophisticated robotic spacecraft, one whose design counters China’s anti-satellite capability — and goes a step further. The X-37B, built by Boeing, could also be used to spy on and even disable other nations’ satellites, all without them necessarily knowing that it’s even happening.

4. "Congress Dims the Future of Human Space Flight" After some good news about space, here's some bad news. 

Representative Sample: Given history, I am quite certain that if we continue the Constellation Program as the House version of the NASA Budget suggests, we will see delays and cost overruns that will have NASA spending tens of billions of dollars accomplishing almost nothing in the way of manned space development.

5. "Burqamania!" Not just for Muslims.

Representative Sample: A small group of ultra-orthodox Jews in the town of Beit Shemesh chose to don the burka, usually associated with women in repressive Islamist regimes, three years ago in a bid to protect their modesty.

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