Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/11/2010

1. "Hawks for Peace" About a week old but well-worth reading. It's particularly interesting how he breaks down strains of Republican thought.

Representative Sample: There have l0ng been three main foreign-policy tendencies on the American Right: old-style conservatives who agree with Randolph Bourne that war is the health of the state and therefore favor less military intervention abroad; neoconservatives who want to preserve the United States’ global hegemony and engage in armed proselytizing for democracy; and defense-minded conservatives who believe the U.S. should strike forcefully at its enemies whenever it perceives itself, its interests, or its allies to be threatened.

2. "Why Should I be Moral? "Makes some excellent points.

Representative Sample: Non-believers are often asked this question by religious believers, and it is thrown as a challenge. Can a non-believer give a good reason for being moral? The religious person already thinks that only a God could serve as a sufficient reason. Why does a non-believer bother being moral?

3. "Ground Zero mosque Imam on his THIRD State Department-sponsored trip" Our government in action.

Representative Sample:Feisal Abdul Rauf, Iman Feisal of theproposed Ground Zero mosque, will be touring the Middle East courtesy of the State Department on the taxpayers’ dime.

4. "Freedom Summarized" Unfortunately an expansive view of freedom is also a minority view in both parties.

Representative Sample: That’s why things like drugs, prostitution, polygamy, gambling, etc should be legal. The government’s job isn’t to prevent things that might have negative social effects because some people are irresponsible. It’s to protect the freedoms of its citizens.

5. "Finally: An Honest "Stimulus" Construction Sign" Pretty much.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

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