Thursday, August 19, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/19/2010

1. "David Harsanyi asks – Why Is It ‘Bigoted’ To Criticize Religion?" Good question.

Representative Sample: There are those who continue to make the facile claim that any protest over Park51 is a display in un-American intolerance and contempt for the Constitution. This position treats criticism of faith — religious institutions and symbols included — as tantamount to “bigotry.”.

2. "Guns for Fire" A really bad idea from Hamid Karzai.

Representative Sample: to end the use of private security contractors in Afghanistan by Dec. 17 of this year, as Karzai wants, the West would have to make an impossible acceleration of its timetable in Afghanistan. The lion's share of the coalition's current diplomatic and development programs simply cannot be sustained without their vital support -- unless they were staffed entirely with uniformed military personnel, which is surely not what Karzai intends.

3. "Israel deepens relations with Greece. That's one way to deal with increasing Turkish hostility.

Representative Sample: Speaking on condition of anonymity, Greek diplomatic sources commented that the impasse in Israeli-Turkish relations was the direct cause of improved Israeli relations with Greece, prompting Netanyahu's visit as the first Israeli prime minister to officially visit Greece

4. "U.S. air power in perspective" Any decline is relative.

Representative Sample: The problem is the comparison of the future, present and past air force. The problem is that humans get used to things/conditions and bureaucracies resist against reductions.

5. "The world’s darkest material" man-made.

Representative Sample: Harnessing darkness for practical use, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed a laser power detector coated with the world’s darkest material — a forest of carbon nanotubes that reflects almost no light across the visible and part of the infrared spectrum.

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