Saturday, August 21, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/21/2010

1. "A Capital Idea" Many excellent points. 

Representative Sample: The market is a bias-free medium meant to facilitate a "meeting of minds" between buyer and seller; it was never meant to be a government-owned monopoly that picked and chose who would be allowed to sell and who excluded for insufficient payment of tribute.

2. "Immanuel Kant vs. Israel" One theory regarding some of the basis for the seemingly irrational, widespread hatred of Israel. 

Representative Sample: Paradigms also frame politics and Hazony applies this theory to Israel's delegitimization in the West. Israel's standing has deteriorated for decades, he argues, "not because of this or that set of facts, but because the paradigm through which educated Westerners are looking at Israel has shifted."

3. "Coexist? Yes, yes, and no." Includes a much better graphic than the commonly-seen "coexist" one.  

Representative Sample: atheism need not be a definite position. Atheism is about belief, not knowledge. So one can be agnostic atheist, meaning one doesn’t claim to know whether or not gods exist, but one doesn’t believe gods exist.

4. "Being president might not be all it’s cracked up to be if. . ." Four reasons. 

Representative Sample: 1. unemployment rates go up during your tenure, while you continue to blame someone who hasn’t been in office almost two years.

5. "Why Atheists Should Be Feminists" Sexism a problem among atheists in general? I'm inherently skeptical of these sorts of arguments.

Representative Sample: the atheist movement has a significant imbalance of men, and the most prominent and visible atheists - the ones who get the lion's share of media attention, the ones who are most often assumed to represent atheism as a whole - are all men.

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