Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/3/2010

1. "Top Ten Most Left-Biased Working Journalists" Links to an entire series of posts. Representative Sample: Each of the ten entires is a 500 or more word essay detailing various instances of bias and the history of the journalists I chose as the top ten most left-biased journos. The entries are chock full of links to the examples of bias.

2. "What Missile Defense and Nuclear Disarmament Have in Common" Those who like disarmament tend to dislike defense. They prefer to rely on wishful thinking.

Representative Sample: Both robust strategic defenses, including missile defenses, and nuclear disarmament are incompatible with second-strike deterrence postures.

3. "Gallup: What Is The Most Conservative State? Wyoming Of Course"

Conservative heartlands.

Representative Sample: When you take a look at a recent Gallup survey that ranks most conservative and liberal states, you’ll find very few surprises. How many of us as conservatives, surrounded by liberal lunacy hasn’t asked the question, where is the most conservative state?

4. "Ever heard of a white hole?" Not until I read this post.

Representative Sample: Black holes are among the most exotic of astrophysical objects and consequently one of the most deeply studied. White holes, on the other hand, are largely ignored by astrophysicists. So it's time, therefore, to change the balance with some deeper theoretical development of the properties of these objects.

5. "The Bare Facts: Plenty of Money and Honey" Democratic bears.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic

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  1. Physisict Lubos Motl sets the record straight on the white holes bit


    Lubos is a global warming skeptic with a satisfyingly acid tongue. I enjoy his blog.