Sunday, August 8, 2010

No HOT5 Today because of work & lack of sleep

I've been on-call this weekend at work, which has resulted in me getting a minimal amount of sleep and having little reading time, so there is no HOT5 today. It will return tomorrow. 

This is the first weekend I've done our on-call rotation, which consists of having calls to the company routed to my cell phone, and of me having to travel to deal with anything that comes up. I got home at 2am Sat. morning, laid down, and had just gotten to sleep when the phone rang at 2:45. I had to go to back to our main office (about 20 miles), then travel to two customers. When I got through with that, it was a little before 6 am. Since I had to pick up some mail at 8am anyway, I just laid on the floor at the office and got maybe an hour of poor sleep. After I got the mail and delivered it to another location, I drove home. I was home for about an hour, ate, showered, and laid down again. Another call came in before I was able to get to sleep. That one required me to go to downtown Philadelphia, always a fun drive, especially when sleep-deprived. The route I took into town was under construction, so there was a massive traffic jam and it took twice as long. Fortunately, when I left I took a wrong turn which ended up being a far better way to go home that avoided the construction.

Naturally when I agreed to be part of the on-call rotation I was told that I probably wouldn't have anything except the mail pick-up, since it's been slow lately.


  1. Don't let those greedy capitalist pigs overwork you, Dave. They don't care what they do to you as long as they make a buck.

    Seriously though, I hope your schedule gets less hectic. Looking forward to new posts.

  2. It slowed down yesterday. I would have posted some, but I was busy responding to comments on the post below.

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