Friday, August 13, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/13/2010

1. "All We Are Saying - Is Give Nukes a Chance" Excellent points about nuclear weapons.

Representative Sample:Nuclear weapons did not exist until the end of World War II, the most destructive war in human history; which is ironic, because their very existence is testimony to the fact that their lack obviously does not create peace. So why would their disappearance?.

2. "Occidentalism's Cost: War?" Instead of the West misjudging our opponents, what about them misjudging us?

Representative Sample: Occidentalism, a coherent ideology, held by people ranging from Russian anarchists to Islamic terrorists, sees the West as spiritually bankrupt, prone to collapse, and incapable of exerting the sheer force of will to triumph in the cutthroat world of international politics.

3. "US soldiers needing treatment get a dose of Christian fundamentalism instead" Because when you are having psychological problems brought on by war, the best cure is a heavy dose of fundamentalist Christian propaganda.

Representative Sample:The letter, sent last month, is co-signed by Paul Sullivan, the Executive Director of Veterans for Common Sense, whose organisation has received many complaints from veterans that when they sought treatment for PTSD and other mental health issues while in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were sent to chaplains who proselytized them rather than to psychologists.

4. "never ask a biologist to do an engineer’s job" A good response to those who disparage space exploration as too difficult and expensive.

Representative Sample: there certainly are times when people propose grandiose projects that simply aren’t practical in the long term, but when it comes to space travel, we often give up the minute we start listing what we’ll need to actually accomplish something significant.

5. "Ethiopia Eyes End Of Food Aid Within 5 Years" Good news from Africa?

Representative Sample: Ethiopia is one of the world's biggest recipients of foreign aid, receiving $3.3 billion worth of help in 2008. The country's new five-year plan predicts a "base-case" scenario of 11 percent average growth and a "high-case scenario" of 14.9 percent average growth.

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  1. Your first link has an extra " at the end.

  2. Thanks. I usually check them after I post, but someone called me and I forgot to do it.