Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ten Reasons Worshipping the Sun Makes More Sense Than Other Religions

If you must worship something, why not consider the sun? Here are ten reasons sun worship makes more sense than most religions.

1. The sun sustains all life on earth. If it goes away, or dies, we all die too. And this is an actual fact, not an assertion. 

2. We can feel its power. I mean actually feel it, not just imagine it.

3. It's visible in the sky. Unlike the vast majority of other gods, The sun is not invisible. You can see it from anywhere on earth at the right times.

4. The sun is vast and powerful almost beyond human comprehension, much like other gods. But unlike other gods, its power, size and other attributes are subject to scientific analysis.

5. We don't need a sacred book to tell us about the sun. It can be observed and studied without having to make stuff up.

6. We don't need prophets or revelations to tell us when the sun will be coming back, or when its great plan will unfold. The sun isn't away, or in hiding, or biding its time. It's always there.

7. The sun doesn't have the whole universe to worry about, just our system. We live in its solar system, and to the best of our knowledge we are the only sentient lifeforms under its rule. It's a much more personal god than ones that have to rule entire universes, other dimensions, untold possible alien lifeforms, and so forth.

8. Praying to the sun works just as well as praying to any other god.

9. If you worship the sun, you don't need to believe a whole bunch of additional nonsense, assorted rules, and outright lies.

10. The sun is real, not imaginary.


  1. That certainly beats the Ten Commandments! The most amazing thing is that once we overcome centuries of Church-imposed taboo against Sun worship and look at the science - it supports the concept. Regarding this seven levelled energetic manager of our solar system as a life form makes a lot more sense than seeing it as a dumb ball of hot gas. And the implications for cosmology are, well, cosmic.

    I declare my interest here, having written a book that convincingly makes the basic point and then examines the ramifications. It is titled, of course, Sun of gOd, the capital "O" differentiating from anything Biblical and implying Oneness. Should scientists ever let go of their ancient Church programming on this they might be able to see a lot more sense "out there."

    Gregory Sams, author of Sun of gOd

  2. We do it everyday. Hindus recite a short prayer called Gayatri mantra daily and worship the Sun God every twilight periods.

  3. Agreed...the sun created us, sustains all life, and will eventually destroy us. Sounds like God to me!

  4. Agreed...the sun created us, sustains all life, and will eventually destroy us. Sounds like God to me!