Sunday, August 1, 2010

Right on Cue

I just read that the Fox News White House correspondent was moved to the front-row in the briefing room, as the AP correspondent (already in the front), shifted over to take Helen Thomas' old spot. My first thought was, this is bound to drive leftists crazy. And right on cue, here's left-wing hack John Cole at Balloon Juice.
I suppose as a reward for their excellent achievements in propaganda ... It’s just obscene to reward them, but as we know, in the beltway, this isn’t about journalism
It's pretty funny when a propagandist gets upset because he thinks another organization is putting out propaganda. And I'm not sure what's supposed to be "obscene" about moving the leading cable news channel to the front row. It should have already been there. But then again, logical reasoning is wasted on the left and its rabid hatred of Fox News. As I wrote little more than a year ago,

One of the funniest things about leftists is their constant whining and sniveling about Fox News, and their inability to distinguish individual shows from general news coverage. If you watch standard news ticker type coverage on Fox, it is very similar to what you get on CNN. Fox slants Republican just as other channels slant Democratic, but it's basically a right of center approach. Fox News is no more extreme right than MSNBC is extreme left.  

The vote to move Fox was apparently unanimous. Have fun whining, liberals. 

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