Monday, August 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/2/2010

1. "Bush tax cuts – it’s not your money, so quit whining" A good debunking of the latest pro-tax nonsense, which used the familiar tactic of falsely labeling things "myths." 

Representative Sample: What Obama is doing, frankly, is pushing for the appearance of short-term economic recovery that’s brought on by dumping huge sums of government money (borrowed from our international creditors) into the economy.

2. "Elite US cyber team courts hackers to fight terrorists" Sounds like another thing that should have been kept secret. 

Representative Sample: Vigilant was described by its chief Chet Uber as a sort of cyber "A-Team" taking on terrorists, drug cartels, mobsters and other enemies on the Internet.

3. "Atheism and Dogmatism" Although he doesn't use this example, he could have pointed out that many atheists are credulous leftists, uncritically swallowing irrational left-wing ideology.

Representative Sample: Denying the gods does not allow one to escape rampant human bias. Theism is merely one symptom of our mostly non-rational and irrational primate brains – there are many other symptoms that atheists rarely escape. We, too, are often dogmatic. We, too, abandon reason and evidence to support opinions that just “feel right” to us.

4. "Dr. Seuss" A new version of Green Eggs & Ham. 

Representative Sample: I do not like this Uncle Sam,  I do not like his health care scam.

5. "Freedom to offend" Something I'm a big fan of. An interesting essay.

Representative Sample: nonbelievers often defend a right to blasphemy. We say that only individuals have rights, not ideas or communities. And among those individual rights we recognize, we do not include a right not to be offended..

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