Sunday, August 15, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/15/2010

1. "Obama Backpedals on Mosque" Sam Harris weighs in. 

Representative Sample: honest reasoning declares that there is much that is objectionable—and, frankly, terrifying—about the religion of Islam and about the state of discourse among Muslims living in the West, and it is decidedly inconvenient that discussing these facts publicly is considered a sign of “intolerance” by well-intentioned liberals, in part because such criticism resonates with the actual bigotry of not-so-well-intentioned conservatives. I can see no remedy for this, however, apart from simply ramming the crucial points home, again and again.

2. "Top 10 Bizarre Mormon Beliefs" It's always good to take a break from worrying about Islam to make fun of some other religions. 

Representative Sample: This one is very unique to the LDS faith. Basically, everyone on earth now was a spirit in the pre-existence. When we die, our spirits are separated from our bodies and if we were good they go to “spirit paradise.” If we were bad they go to “spirit prison.”

3. "Can You Tell This is a Government Operation?" Wasting money making useless coins.  

Representative Sample: Only the federal government could screw up printing money. The BBC is noting that the US keep printing billions of dollars worth of coins that no one wants to use

4. "The Trillion Dollar Question: Should the National Debt be Repudiated?" Chapter 7 for the whole country? 

Representative Sample: I have been predicting that the U.S. government would default on its debt since 1993. At the time, no one else was making such an outlandish forecast. Now those who are discussing the prospect as at least a realistic possibility are far too numerous to cite.

5. "The next liberal ‘Chicken Little’ government pandemic." Is there any problem liberals don't think can be solved through more taxation?

Representative Sample: here’s the newest crisis: The era of antibiotics is coming to a close.

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