Thursday, August 26, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/26/2010

1. "The Perfect Iranian Storm on the Horizon" Very interesting interview discussing various aspects of the Middle East situation.

Representative Sample: Jonathan Spyer is not your typical Israeli journalist and political analyst. He has a PhD in International Relations, he fought in Lebanon during the summer war of 2006, then went back to Lebanon as a civilian on a second passport.

2. "Lefty beats up cabbie; left blames the right" Don't hold your breath waiting for apologies from those doing the smearing.

Representative Sample: It is attempted murder. I don’t care about this coward’s politics. But connecting this inexplicable act of violence on peaceful protesters is ignorant.

3. "America plays the Apollo Option: killing from the sky" Questions raised by the expanding drone assassination program.

Representative Sample: How times have changed. Now technology had provided us the capability to smite whomever we wish from across vast distances, while our targets, being mortals, can do precious little in reply. Propitiation is their only reasonable option. Our new Olympian status, though, still has a few details to be worked out.

4. "THE LEFT OPPOSES THE 3 BEST ANTIDOTES TO POVERTY Oversimplified but generally correct

Representative Sample: the left sees capitalism, globalization and "USA hegemony" as negative. The left is wrong. Leftist policies are what's keeping much of the world's population poor.

5. "Can Bush be blamed? " He certainly will be by the usual suspects.

Representative Sample: George W. Bush has not occupied the Oval Office for more than 19 months, so it will become more and more difficult to blame a double dip on his administration. Even a short and mild secondary recession will be a difficult hurdle for President Obama's re-election campaign, which must start in earnest in 17 months.

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