Friday, August 27, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/27/2010

1. "Collective guilt is a strange thing, or: Stabbing people is wrong even if you can’t use it for political purposes" Pretty much sums it up.

Representative Sample: Here’s how it works: When 19 Muslim terrorists fly planes into buildings and murder thousands of people, it’s not a reflection on all Muslims. Or any Muslims besides those 19, for that matter. But when a drunk A-hole in the same neighborhood yells “As-salaam alaikum! Consider this a checkpoint!” and stabs a Muslim cabbie, it’s a reflection on all opponents of the Ground Zero Mosque.

2. "Flaws in Theistic, Religious Morality: Religion, Theism aren't Needed for Values" A nice breakdown.

Representative Sample: The values outlined here aren’t part of every religious moral system, and may be part of some non-religious moral systems. They are, however, flaws in most religious systems of morality and thus a basis for rejecting the idea that religion is necessary for moral values.

3. "The "Moderate Muslim" Litmus Test" Some excellent points here.

Representative Sample: Almost a decade after the September 11 attacks, it is remarkable to see how primitive, censored, and misinformed is the Western debate over Islam and Islamism. Yet this is an issue of the greatest importance in the world today.

4. "Your Weekly World Zombie News" What's going on with zombies at the moment?

Representative Sample: In an effort to allay rising fears of a zombie apocalypse, Cracked proffers Seven Scientific Reasons a Zombie Attack Would Quickly Fail. They're trying to be on the side of the angels with this piece, but I gotta say that I'm pretty unconvinced by most of their arguments.

5. "The Stimulus Solar Boondoggle " Stimulus & boondoggle are two words that seem to go together.

Representative Sample: Energy sources that need subsidies and mandates need them because they don’t make economic sense. If they did make sense there would be no need for mandates and subsidies. When it comes to providing affordable energy, supply and demand do a much better job than lobbyists and bureaucrats.

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