Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/10/2010

1. "Even in Recess, Congress Can’t Help Spending Billions for Bailouts" More reasons to vote Republican.

Representative Sample:Not satisfied by the billions in federal bailouts already passed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently announced that she intendeds to bring the House back from the August recess to pass yet another multi-billion-dollar federal bailout.

2. "Mau-Mauing the Mosque "Hitchens weighs in on the Ground Zero Mosque.

Representative Sample: Where to start with this part-pathetic and part-sinister appeal to demagogy? To begin with, it borrows straight from the playbook of Muslim cultural blackmail. Claim that something is "offensive," and it is as if the assertion itself has
automatically become an argument. You are even allowed to admit, as does Foxman, that the ground for taking offense is "irrational and bigoted." But, hey—why think when you can just feel?

3. "Germany closes Hamburg mosque 9/11 attackers used" One example of why people tend not to be thrilled about having a mosque built in their neighborhood.

Representative Sample:A 2009 report by a German intelligence agency said the mosque had
again become the “centre of attraction for the jihad scene” in the port city. It said some people who belonged to the mosque’s cultural association and prayed there had travelled to a radical training camp in Uzbekistan.

4. "Obama Blames Unemployed Texan For The Failure Of His Own Policies" If Bush were even half as bad as Democrats like to pretend, the U.S. wouldn't even exist right now.

Representative Sample: what has Obama done differently? We’ve done deficit spending, but more so. Government manipulation of the lending markets, but more so. Government manipulation of the economy, but more so. Expansion of entitlement spending, but more so.

5. "America in Afghanistan: Looking Back From 2050" Interesting reading.

Representative Sample: Deep currents in history are real. Those of us who care about such things try to be aware of them. We can try to discern the deep patterns at work in our own
era, to help us to understand what the darkened room of the future might contain. If that is all there were to life and history and the fate of men and nations and the world, we could crunch it all into numbers, and even taking chaos into account, have some idea about what might happen next. But we also know that human will, human agency, contingency, luck, all have their role.

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