Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/18/2010

1. "Question to ask your liberal friends" One of the better analogies. 

Representative Sample: Coming soon to Columbine, Colorado: RD Walker’s Rifle Range and Handgun Emporium.

2. "Obama Asks Congress for Access to Your Internet Records: Your Prescribed Drugs are Already in a Government Database" The non-existent right to privacy. 

Representative Sample: Without any authority, the government is already keeping your prescription drug information in a government database. Think that doesn't include you? AVirginia Tech student's records were in a government database, not a hospital or doctor's database - but in a Federal database. 

3. "Three Paths to Missile Defense" Interesting approaches.  

Representative Sample: Israel, the People’s Republic of China and the U.S. are all looking for a missile defense but each is taking a separate technology path.

4. "Obamunism! Bankruptcies Hit 5 Year High" I'm sure if someone asked him, Obama would be glad to explain that it's all Bush's fault. 

Representative Sample: Much worse times are coming, fellow Americans – we can tough it out as poverty really isn’t the worst thing which can happen. But we do need to get rid of the Ruling Class clowns so that we can start rebuilding.

5. "What Patriotism Means to Me" Explaining patriotism to liberals.

Representative Sample: So I guess it’s unpatriotic to make fun of the overpriced lemon that is the Chevy Volt, according to Governor Granholm. The left does seem to question people’s patriotism about really stupid things (if you don’t like paying taxes, you’re unpatriotic!), but I guess that’s just because they don’t understand it. Among themselves, they use patriotism as an insult. “You think the U.S. is better than all other countries? How uncouth!

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