Monday, August 9, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/9/2010

1. "When can we declare the liberals' economic experiment finished?" Hopefully pretty soon. 

Representative Sample: The Democrats have had the past year and a half to do their best to fix the economy. They've tried their stimulus. They've bailed out companies. They've saved union jobs. They've saved public sector jobs. They've passed ObamaCare. They've done what they thought was best to help our faltering economy. And it has failed.

2. "Debunking the Myth that Atheism is a Religion" Unfortunately debunking is always necessary, since that argument comes up over and over again from theists. 

Representative Sample: Any comparisons that put atheism in the same context of religion are a dishonest dialogue. The definition of atheism does not include anything even remotely similar to the dogma and doctrine that is part of religious belief. Atheists can and do adopt a wide variety of points of view that can include anything except the belief in gods and still fit the definition of atheism.

3. "It’s Uncertainty, Stupid!" A good point and links..  

Representative Sample:Apparently, the “Brains Trust” really is stupid if it doesn’t understand “Government and the Uncertainty Trap,” year after recessionary year.

4. "The Strategist as Demiurge" This concept would fall into the war as more of an art than science category. Interesting article. 

Representative Sample: The key concept here is “visionary generals” creating a mutually shared ”general vision” of policy and its strategic execution. While military figures who hold high command - Eisenhower, MacArthur, Petreaus - are obvious examples, technically, it doesn’t have to be a “general” in immediate combat command, so much as the final ”decider”. A figure whose authority is part autocrat and part charsmatic auctoritas.

5. "Poo-Powered Car" Maybe GM will latch onto this concept and turn out a methane-powered model for the low retail price of 52,995.

Representative Sample: Developed by Mohammed Saddiq, the poo-powered car will demonstrate the advantages of methane as a fuel. Also nick-named the ‘Bio-Bug’, the vehicle is out to prove that sustainable automobiles are possible. Engineers from Wessex Water say that the waste from 70 average English homes will provide enough methane to give the poo-powered car 10,000 miles worth of fuel.

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