Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Richard Dawkins Offends Muslims

As a particularly outspoken atheist, Richard Dawkins regularly offends Christians. But this time he managed to offend Muslims. I know, that's real difficult to do. His great offense? Expressing his true feelings about the burkha, feelings that are probably shared by the vast majority of non-Muslims, and no doubt even many Muslims.
The 69-year-old author and Oxford academic said he is filled with “visceral revulsion” when he sees women wearing the traditional Islamic covering.
Who isn't, other than people who like seeing the subjugation of women? He also compared it to a trash bin liner. I never though of that, but now that he mentions it, there is some similarity. Naturally these comments were just so offensive to those claiming to represent Muslims in Britain.
He has sparked fury among Muslim groups, who have accused him of being “ignorant” and “Islamophobic”.
If disliking the sight of a burkha equals "Islamophobia," then it's a good thing and should be promoted. And it's pretty funny that people who think women can't be allowed to go out in public without wearing a shapeless sack covering their body are calling others "ignorant."
Seyyed Ferjani, of the Muslim Association of Britain, accused Professor Dawkins of “Islamophobia” ... "“It is a woman’s choice if she wishes to wear a burka, a niqab or not. Why does it matter to this man what a woman is wearing?”
It matters because you are a blatant liar. There is definitely a minority of women stupid or brainwashed enough to voluntarily choose to wear a burkha. But many do not have that choice. Dawkins is speaking out against a symbol of widespread oppression & backwardness.

Dawkins is pretty far on the left, and I disagree with him on many issues, including some regarding atheism and the best way to critique religion. But I applaud him for having the guts to speak out on this issue, knowing that even his mild comments -- he explicitly rejected banning the burkha -- would produce shrieks of outrage and attempts to label him as an "Islamophobe."


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  2. It's not the first time he's had the guts to attack the muslims. But it is refreshing how ready he is to do it.