Friday, August 6, 2010

HOT5 Daily 8/6/2010

1. "The 10 Broken Promises of ObamaCare" I'll bet there are a lot more than just 10.

Representative Sample:"Every substantive criticism was met with charges of 'fear-mongering.' We were pitched a bill that expanded coverage and increased subsidies without increasing the deficit, mandated new levels of coverage without taxing citizens, that changed everything unless you didn’t want anything to change, that cut costs without rationing, and that enacted 2,500 pages of law without any unintended negative consequences.".

2. "Time Magazine: Normal Americans Are Ignorant Bigots " Hopefully the smear & smear again strategy currently in use on the left will wake some people up.

Representative Sample: the snarling moonbats of the liberal elite ruling class are becoming so unhinged that they're neglecting to conceal the vicious contempt they feel for normal Americans..

3. "Science Fiction and Strategy: Robots" There's no way I could not link this.

Representative Sample:International relations professors have debated the implications of zombies for world politics. But no one, with the exception of Joseph Fouche (always ready to think the unthinkable) has pondered the international relations of a robot uprising.

4. "Race Is Irrelevant" When it comes to corruption.

Representative Sample: The irony is these obvious racial insinuations belch up from a group that, by its very nature, is built on race itself. BLACKS ONLY! They seem to have decided that no matter the actions committed by their members, the color of their skin supercedes or nullifies the possible validity of their crimes.

5. "The Tiger Oil Memos" Do you think your boss is bad? Check this out.

Representative Sample: From the offices of the now-defunct but at one time Houston-based Tiger Oil Company come a total of 22 enormously entertaining memos; all sent by, or on behalf of, the firm's incredibly amusing, painfully tactless, and seemingly constantly angry CEO - Edward 'Tiger Mike' Davis - to his staff.

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