Friday, January 23, 2009

HOT5 1/23/2009

1. "Man – the Last 10,000 Years" A quick and humorous recap.

Representative Sample: 1000 – Inhabitants of the developed world run riot as Y1K bug strikes, wiping out crops and resetting sundials. The Jews are blamed.

2. "God never heals amputees, but science can, part 2" Teenager gets amazing prosthetic arm (with video). Raises questions about the power of prayer.

Representative Sample: You believe that your God heals cancer… why not amputated limbs as well?

3. "Very Interesting Russian "Soft Power" Strategic View" Russian strategic thoughts aimed at the U.S. How can Russia exploit what they view as U.S. weaknesses?

Representative Sample: Russia needs to formulate such a cultural project that, first, develops influence over American intellectuals, and secondly, leverages against the American political system that is out of balance, and split the American artistic and intellectual elite in power.

4. "Debacle in Swat - by Kamila Hayat"  A Pakistani reports on the fall of the Swat valley district to Islamist militants. Reign of terror takes hold.

Representative Sample: they have closed down hundreds of schools, run their own 'Shariah' courts in the area and execute people almost each day at a central square in Mingora.

5. "Unlikely Friends"  Canada, the Canadian Prime Minister and Obama. An opportunity for better cooperation?

Representative Sample: The Body Snatcher aura of watching scores of traditionally anti-American, leftwing Canadians rush to embrace an American president has been, to say the least, nervously fascinating

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  1. Thanks for the kudos! I've put a permanent link to your site on mine.

  2. Thanks. You have some interesting stuff on your blog.

  3. Are left-wing Canadians anti-American, or just anti-Bush?

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! Can I ask how you found my blog by the way? I'll put a link to your blog on my site. Cheers.

  5. FrodoSaves,

    Thanks. I was searching blog posts on a couple different blog directories. But then I also look at blogs other people have on their blogrolls. I don't remember exactly how I found yours.