Sunday, January 25, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/25/2009

1. "Obama Count-Not Even A WeekWhat has Obama done in his first week?

Representative Sample: Sent Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy to the hospital (OK, not Barry’s fault, but, if Bush can be blamed for everything…..)

2. "Bipartisan Approach, Partisan Aims?" An argument that Obama's outreach to Republicans is a clever political tactic to advance Democratic objectives.

Representative Sample: Obama's meetings with Republicans might be surprising to Democrats who clearly have enough votes in both chambers to pass this bill without much Republican support.

3. "Things Christians Should Know Before Talking to an Atheist" A more militant atheist perspective than mine, but still some good points.

Representative Sample: Atheists do NOT hate your god. How can one hate something that does not exist? Do you hate leprechauns?

4. "Cultural Moderates and the Republican Coalition"  A good article about refocusing the GOP on principles which have wide appeal. Of course this type of argument immediately gets you called a RINO or liberal by the rabid Republican base.

Representative Sample:  Is it possible to be less than conservative on social issues and still be a part of the Republican coalition? Of course it is.

5. "Want to Help Stimulate the Economy? Here is a condom! "  I'm all for birth control, but this just illustrates the kind of garbage that's in the so-called stimulus package.

Representative Sample: Putting the public policy argument aside, what exactly does this stimulate?

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