Saturday, January 3, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/3/2009

1. "Flood-resistant rice in Asia 2009" A major advance in genetic crop enhancement.

Representative Sample: Advances in biotechnology have improved this ancient grain, which accounts for up to 70 percent of daily calories for people living in Asian countries

2. "When will this self-destructive hatred of high-fructose fruit beverages end?"  Illiterate terrorist-supporter in Manhattan.

Representative Sample: It's a picture

3. "Democrats Having Trouble With Democrats Over ‘Card Check’?"  Let's hope so.

Representative Sample: this little incident illustrates the insincerity of much of what goes on in the Democratic Party.

4. "Some New Year Resolutions For The GOP" Good advice for the party that will probably be ignored.

Representative Sample: Being the “no” party will not garner any sympathy or support

5. "From Russia, with nuttiness" more Russian behavior reminiscent of the Soviet Union.

Representative Sample: the promotion of Panarin may be a kind of Freudian projection of much more plausible concerns about the disintegration of Russia

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  1. The flood-resistant rice is a good idea. Unfortunately, it won't mean too much if a global sea level rise permanently inundates Bangladesh. Some of the biggest food problems today - American ethanol, European GMO bans, and global warming - have only political solutions. New varieties of rice re a good long-term solution to the issue of increasing populations and stagnant agricultural yields, but in the short and medium term, I'd say it's more important to get the first world to pull its head out of its collective ass on farm aid and protectionism.