Wednesday, January 21, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/21/2009

1. "Dear President ObamaA good letter to Obama from the center-right. 

Representative Sample: All I ask in return is that you recognize me as a member of the noble, loyal opposition. I do not hate you. I disagree with you. We have different belief systems.

2. "Watching Obama become President" Watching the inauguration from one of the worst hellholes on earth.

Representative Sample: Tears came to my eyes when Obama mentioned in his speech, the countries struggling around the world. At one point he mentioned those who used ‘the fist’ to control and hang on to power.

3. "The Deed Is Done" An article that reflects the attitude of many conservatives.

Representative Sample: today does not mark anything other then the installing of our 44th President. It is what happens in the coming days and months that will determine which direction this country goes in.

4. "Ads that I like #73"  A look back to when "nuclear" & "Iran" in the same sentence was a good thing.

Representative Sample:  around the time that this advertisement appeared in the top atom fanciers glossies – Gerald Ford offered Iran the chance to buy and operate a US-built reprocessing facility

5. "America passes a milestone!"  No, it isn't about Obama.

Representative Sample: It’s a milestone. But to what end does this road lead us?

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  1. America passed the government milestone in 2002, according to the graph.

    On another note, payroll matters less than contribution to GDP. Manufacturing contribution to GDP in the US has been essentially constant over the last few decades, while its percentage of the labor force has steadily declined. It turns out that a person making semiconductors in Dallas contributes more to GDP than a person making cars in Detroit.

  2. Thank you for the link there. As a self-avowed (Australian) social democrat, I'm impressed with how sociable and broad your discussions are. That's not often the case on the web!

    I’ll be back.