Friday, January 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/30/2009

1. "Bailout? Or Rip Off?" Ripoff. Bonuses for Wall Street financial firm employees.

Representative Sample: what great performance warranted this kind of bonus money? The fabulous condition of Wall Street? The outstanding profitability?

2. "We've Got To Do Something Stupid, And We've Got To Do It Right Now!" Official motto of the U.S. Government since the fiscal crisis began.

Representative Sample: There are plenty of smart things we could do today--like an immediate cut in business taxes, or eliminating capital gains taxes entirely on investments made before 2011

3. "Bow down before the Maha Rushie"Another voice on the right who's tired of Rush Limbaugh and his followers.

Representative Sample: According to Limbaugh, if you disagree with him -- no matter what the reason -- you're not sufficiently conservative, and you must be brought back into line. 

4. "Remote Controlled Rhino Beetle"  Will insects be drafted to help fight the war on terror?

Representative Sample: our favourite architects of military weird are funding quite successful research to remotely control a rhinoceros beetle.

5. "Behind the crickets"  "Windfall" losses are ok, just not profits.

Representative Sample: Remember the fuss about "windfall profits" the oil companies were "making" back in the day under BushCo™?

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