Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/14/2009

1. "Does monetary policy still work?" Interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: if the government can identify good Keynesian policies, these can be funded without pushing up the interest rate on government securities

2. "Americans Abandon Christianity, Study Shows" Christianity in decline in the U.S.?

Representative Sample: More than half of Americans no longer consider Christianity as the nation's main religion while one in three Christians say "Jesus sinned while He was on earth," a new study claims.

3. "The Left’s Obsession With Guantanamo" A nice rant with some good points.

Representative Sample: I don’t think the Left wants justice. I think they want America to be hamstrung in a war they don’t believe exists.

4. "SWAT Team Takes Down a Pair of PS3 Gamers"  Their game got a little too realistic.

Representative Sample:  two gamer buddies were playing an unspecified PlayStation 3 title with the sound cranked up to 11.

5. "1759: The Tavora family"  Each blog post details an execution that happened on that day in history.

Representative Sample: The peers of the realm were summoned to witness their fellow blue-bloods so nauseatingly dispatched

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