Monday, January 19, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/19/2009

1. "Possibly President Obama's first foreign policy challenge will come from..." What's going on with North Korea? What will Obama's criteria be for using military force?

Representative Sample: it's not nukes, but a sudden television appearance by a North Korean army spokesman threatening to annihilate the South:

2. "Bailed out banks: Screw you" What's going on with all that bailout money?

Representative Sample: the banks are taking taxpayers' money and thumbing their noses at the politicians who gave it to them

3. "Kennedy’s Healthcare" Points out that differences between liberals & conservatives on healthcare are not just utilitarian.

Representative Sample: Free, reduced, or “access” to healthcare at any cost is bad for freedom

4. "The GOP is asking "What do we do NOW?""  Four suggestions for the Republican party.

Representative Sample:  Republican leadership has got holes in the bucket that are leaking everywhere. So what do you do to stop the bleeding?

5. "Czarina Pelosi's Power Grab"  The concentration of power by Nancy Pelosi. 

Representative Sample: In the opening volleys of the 111th Congress, Pelosi has created her own personal fiefdom.

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  1. Free, reduced, or “access” to healthcare at any cost is bad for freedom

    I'm glad to know France is an authoritarian country. And to think Freedom House had me fooled that it was a free country...