Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/13/2009

1. "The Limits of Soft Power" Why effective soft power requires plenty of hard power.

Representative Sample: With a finite industrial base, our capacity to rebuild hard power assets - especially in ships and aircraft - will take decades once it has been re-purposed

2. "Daniel Pipes: Israel's Strategic Incompetence in Gaza" Pipes' damning analysis of the Israeli leadership's strategic priorities and vision.

Representative Sample: Jerusalem's profound strategic incompetence continues and heightens the failed policies since 1993 that have eroded Israel's reputation, strategic advantage, and security.

3. "intelligent designer wanted, apply within" Some things to think about if you believe that life has an itelligent designer.

Representative Sample: Earth is one of countless planets orbiting trillions of trillions of stars scattered across tens of billions of light years. And that’s only as far as we can see

4. "Human Rights Maps (41): Global Peace Index" A "peace" map that demonstrates that peace can mean pretty much anything, depending on how you define it.

Representative Sample: The Global Peace Index, created by the Economist Intelligence Unit, is based on 24 indicators measuring peace inside and outside of a country.

5. "Obama Continues The 'Torture' Backpedaling" Obama leaving his options open?

Representative Sample: Obama will ban waterboarding specifically. Much more quietly he will allow other CIA "enhanced" techniques.

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