Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nutcase Leftist Accuses Bush of Supporting Mugabe

I was skimming through left-wing blogs and came to D-Day, where I noticed a post entitled, "History's Greatest Monster: Bush authorizes arms shipments to Zimbabwe?" This is yet another prime example, as if we needed more, of the effect of BDS on logical reasoning. According to the nutcase blogger, "George Bush has apparently decided to embolden a dictator, and possibly strengthen him with arms, bringing to the world more evil and death." What is the basis for this seemingly insane allegation? Well, apparently arms are being smuggled to Zimbabwe from the Congo, according to a UN report. There is speculation that elements within the Congolese military may have sent some arms intended for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to Zimbabwe. Bush signed a memo authorizing "defense articles and defense services" to the SADC. That's it. Yes, there's nothing else. So let's recap.

Arms are being smuggled into Zimbabwe from Congo. Some of the arms may be weapons intended for the SADC.  Bush authorizing any defense support for the SADC means that American weapons might be smuggled into Zimbabwe sometime in the future. Therefore Bush is an evil monster who has decided to provide support for Mugabe. Yes, that's right. It makes perfect sense if you are an unhinged leftist who thinks Bush is the source of all evil. Despite the fact that the U.S. most definitely does not support Mugabe in any way, and has been steadily calling for his removal, this moron equates speculation about possible future third party weapon smuggling, to support for the government of Zimbabwe. 

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