Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/6/2009

1. "The Constitution-free zone takes to the rails" The Border Patrol out of control.

Representative Sample:The U.S. government claims special powers to conduct such searches anywhere within ... well ... about a two-hour drive of the border.

2. "All Those Poor, Uneducated, Minorities Being Drafted in America!" A look at the make-up of the U.S. Army

Representative Sample: For the benefit of those who get their information from the likes of United for Peace and Justice, Code Pink, and Berkeley

3. "More about pirates: why we no longer “hang them high”" Why pirates used to be hanged, and why they are no longer.

Representative Sample: A brief look at the legal basis for capture, trial, and punishment of pirates

4. "So what happened to Peak Oil?"  An interesting look at commodities and what we've learned over the past year or so.

Representative Sample:  if the huge drop in oil prices doesn’t tell us much about peak oil, did the price spike of 2008 tell us anything either?

5. "Does atheism define you?" Why atheism is not a belief system.

Representative Sample: Atheism doesn’t reflect something you are, it reflects something you are not. It is of no substance by itself.

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