Thursday, January 15, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/15/2009

1. "More than three million dead" And more are still dying.

Representative Sample:I hadn’t realized the death toll was that high. Another estimate puts it at 5.4 million.

2. "Money, It’s a Crime: Ben Bernanke and the Bottomless Bailout" The never-ending bank bailout

Representative Sample: Isn’t this partly why so many of us were against the bailout, at least in principle, from the start?

3. "U.S. Military Warns Of Potential Sudden Collapse of Mexico" Mexico's stability is in question.  What should we do?

Representative Sample: I recommend we annex Mexico, after all, we annexed California, and look how well that has turned out

4. "The Body of a Greek God"  Interesting look at Greek religion and its perceptions of gods

Representative Sample:  Ancient and particularly archaiac Greek polytheism- which is really what we are talking about here- is a very different beast to modern religion.

5. "Left-wing fascism: an infantile disorder"  Differing UK leftist attitudes toward Israel. 

Representative Sample: it is encouraging to know that there at least remain some Marxists prepared to defend secular principles.

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