Sunday, January 4, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/4/2009

1. "GLENN GREENWALD IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR" Because sometimes you just need to restate the obvious.

Representative Sample: Greenwald is a liar. Either that or he is so oblivious to facts, reason, and logic that he must experience life on the level of a two year old.

2. "Technology & Message" What's more important, the message, or the technology that gets it to the voters?

Representative Sample: One of the great challenges facing the GOP is sharpening our message and regaining our credibility on fiscal restraint issues.

3. "Needed: Frames For Progressive Swing Voters" An interesting analysis that argues that a new block of Democratic voters has emerged.

Representative Sample: most of the new demographic groups Obama and Democrats are using to win are closely connected to one another

4. "Iran is waiting Mr. President-elect"  What to do about Iran? A good overall analysis.

Representative Sample: The Obama administration will have to decide quickly on what type of position and tone he plans to take because Iran poses a major foreign policy issue

5. "Hamas Leader's Son Converts to Christianity, Moves to California" Interesting story about son of a Hamas founder.

Representative Sample: He was raised 'right,' and believed that violence was okay, if it was against Israel.

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