Thursday, January 1, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/1/2009

1. "Shoe Bomber vs. Shoe Thrower: How the Liberal Blogs Stack Up"  Pretty unsurprising.

Representative Sample: we compare how various liberal progressive blogs covered two different Shoe Stories.

2. "Ending Gaza" It won't happen, but it's hard to disagree with the sentiment.

Representative Sample: the Gaza Strip is a failed non-state run by terrorists pledged to genocide and dreaming of a second Holocaust.

3. "Pondering the Strategic Objectives of HamasAn analysis of what Hamas hopes to achieve by provoking the latest conflict.

Representative Sample: From the perspective of Hamas, it is very difficult to find a reasonable explanation for the strategic goals at work here.

4. "Here We Go: Connecticut Democrat Calls for Newspaper Bailout" Just what we need, another bailout.

Representative Sample: Any government intervention or bailout of a media enterprise to me makes that outfit government media.

5. "The Old Zeitgeist Vs. the New Zeitgeist" an interesting year-end list.

Representative Sample: a guide to where things stand zeitgeist-wise as we usher in a new president, and with any luck, a new era.

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