Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HOT5 Daily 1/27/2009

1. "The Judge Who Gave Us Gitmo" An interesting look at one of our more famous legal minds.

Representative Sample: we should take a moment to consider how we stepped into the constitutional anomaly that created Gitmo.

2. "Limiting Free Speech (13): Chilling Effects; Indirect, Covert and Non-Governmental Limits on Freedom of Speech" The many ways in which free speech can be restricted.

Representative Sample: limitations are initiated by governments and usually imposed through force and/or law. There are, however, other types of limitations, taking place in a less obvious manner

3. "Obama's Team Stumbling into Afghanistan Trap" Is rushing more troops into Afghanistan really a good idea?

Representative Sample: More American troops isn't enough to succeed in Afghanistan. What else needs doing depends on why you think the Taliban have gained ground in the past 18 months.

4. "Those Urban Idiots Again"  Making fun of "free-range" advocates and those who take them seriously.

Representative Sample:  Happy? They’re chickens. Chickens have the intellectual power of an acorn.

5. "The Four Boxes of Freedom and a Goodbye"  Wow, I thought I had a pretty cynical viewpoint on things. This writer's doom-laden outlook makes me look like a utopian dreamer.

Representative Sample: The media is so deeply infatuated with Obama, they imagine that Muslims must be, too

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