Friday, December 10, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/10/2010

1. "Venezuela to Host Iranian Missiles Capable of Hitting U.S" When you have a weak leader, enemies know they can threaten you with impunity. (As far as I know, this report comes from one German source, so it may not be accurate.) 

Representative Sample: In addition to the joint military base, Venezuela is also likely going to be the route by which Iran acquires advanced surface-to-air defense systems. Previously, Russia was going to sell 5 battalions of S-300PMU-1 air defense systems to Iran. That deal was scrubbed because of sanctions and instead Russia offered the system to Venezuela.

2. "Obama On Tax Cuts: Read My Lips, Or Triangulation?" A pretty good analysis. 

Representative Sample: If Obama becomes as politically adept as Bill Clinton (and there is absolutely no evidence to show that at this point in time), this could be Obama’s beginning of a triangulation strategy: make Republicans and Democrats look like novices and children, and show himself above the fray, looking out for the best interests of the American people.

3. "Eugenics Has Become Personal" A new and improved eugenics? Yeah, I'm sure it will be all as good as this naive writer suggests.

Representative Sample: Biotechnological enhancement will be different from the old eugenics in all sorts of obvious ways. It will, first of all, really work by transforming nature or as part of conscious and volitional evolution. It won’t be another ridiculous effort to consciously direct merely natural or impersonal evolution. It will also be directed toward what’s best for every human person.

4. "Why Are We Wasting Time on Nuclear Talks?" Because we have an administration whose foreign policy is based on empty talk and wishful thinking. That's what they do.

Representative Sample: Why is the United States still actively seeking to engage in nuclear talks with North Korea? North Korea’s nuclear program is about regime survival, prestige, self-sufficiency and national defense. Pyongyang has made the strategic decision that it is in the country’s national interest to acquire and maintain nuclear weapons. The West has absolutely nothing North Korea wants.

5. "Communism’s Persistent Pull" Unfortunately the world is full of ignorant, idealistic fools.

Representative Sample: Even today, when the horrors of communism are known to everyone, social democrats the world over continue to denounce and undermine private property rights and seek to replace them with some form of collectivized property. Since the late nineteenth century, most intellectuals have been hostile to private property rights and have advocated, if not outright communism, at least some “third way” closer to it than to a regime of full-fledged private property.

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