Monday, December 27, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/27/2010

1. "Be careful what you ask for..." Unintended consequences. You'd think this would be obvious, but unfortunately it isn't to many.

Representative Sample: health care as a right leads to government rationing of health care. If that is what you want, fine. But do not be fooled by snake oil salesmen in Congress or the White House who say otherwise. If you believe that health care is a right, you cannot and will not have the care you want or need.

2. "Christmas is Still a Religious Holiday for Majority in U.S." I'm skeptical. Many people pay lip service to the religious element. But regardless of its religious nature, it is also a secular holiday in the U.S.

Representative Sample: According to Gallup, 51% of Americans surveyed consider Christmas a "strongly religious" holiday, over 60% attend religious services, and 78% say that they take time to reflect on the alleged birth of Jesus.

3. "'Communists found progressive pastors to be "the biggest suckers of them all."'" Useful idiots -- Cold War edition, and not even a bit surprising.

Representative Sample: They cynically, contemptuously targeted the Religious Left. They knew that Religious Left Christians agreed with them on certain sympathies--workers rights, wealth redistribution. The communists exploited that trust, sometimes invoking the language of "social justice," to enlist liberals in their petitions, marches.

4. "The Amazing Power of the Placebo" They work even if you know it's a placebo.

Representative Sample: Science can sometimes be very counterintuitive. Sometimes more questions are brought up than are answered. And this is exciting because in those instances when we didn’t expect the results,

5. "Gulf focuses on military might" Arms race.

Representative Sample: Between 2000 and 2008, Oman and Saudi Arabia spent more of their GDP on the military than any other country for which data are available

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