Thursday, December 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/2/2010

1. "The Uncertainty Principle in practice: Obama on Medicare, taxes, and drilling" The Obama effect damaging the economy. 

Representative Sample: The entirety of the Obama Administration can be summed under a single phrase: The Uncertainty Principle in Practice. This is why – and solely why – the economy is stagnant. When risk grows, being the embodiment of uncertainty, investment plans are shelved until risk can be mitigated or transferred.

2. "Seven Years of Bad Policy: Government Maintains Offshore Drilling Ban" More economic damage to please environmentalists.

Representative Sample: Offshore oil and gas drilling would create jobs and increase energy supplies without cost to the taxpayer. In fact, it would create revenues for financially strapped state governments and increase revenues for federal governments. But the United States won’t fully realize those benefits.

3. "Islamist Turkey vs. Secular Iran?" Are the two countries moving in opposite directsions?  

Representative Sample: As the secular Turkey founded by Atatürk threatens to disappear under a wave of Islamism, the Islamist Iranian state founded by Khomeini apparently teeters, on the brink of secularism. Turks wish to live like Iranians, ironically, and Iranians like Turks.

4. "Our Lost Competitiveness In Energy Construction" A bleak picture. 

Representative Sample: China is learning lessons about large scale construction and operation of brand new designs while we are trying to extend the lives of our existing, ancient reactors and delivering hot air of plans that won’t materialize, such as the aborted plan to jump start construction in the US

5. "Africa can feed itself in a generation: Study" I'll believe it when I see it. It could be feeding itself right now, but it isn't.

Representative Sample: “The plan would combine the use of modern science and technology, infrastructure expansion, improved technical education, and stimulation of business development. By focusing on women and rural prosperity, Africa would create a more inclusive agricultural revolution.”

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  1. Our lack of initiative on nuclear power is dangerously irresponsible.