Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/21/2010

1. "Do We Still Believe in American Sovereignty?" People on the right do. The left? Not so much.

Representative Sample: our sovereignty is still under attack today, though through less overt means: “International organizations and courts seek to reshape the international system. Nations are to give up their sovereignty and be governed by a ‘global consensus.’ Independent, sovereign nations will be replaced by ‘Transnational’ organizations that reject national sovereignty.” This trend is evident everywhere, and will not be halted without a renewed attachment to the idea of American sovereignty.

2. "MPAC Whitewashes Terror Threat While Condemning Law Enforcement" American Muslim terrorist apologists hold a convention.

Representative Sample: despite false promises to have an "honest" conversation about the role of the Muslim community in the United States, developing strategies to truly combat terrorism were dropped and replaced with a unrelenting campaign blaming terrorism on American law enforcement and so-called "Islamophobes."

3. "How useful is faith for obtaining knowledge?" Not very.

Representative Sample: Is faith sufficient? If you hold a belief in something without evidence deeply, sincerely, and completely, then does it follow that it is true? Or do you require faith and some component of evidence in order to accept something as true? In what ratios do they apply?

4. "Poll: Americans Can't Live Without Broadband" I know I can't.

Representative Sample: High-speed internet came in first as the technology most said they could not live without (28 percent), with email the second on the list (18 percent). Facebook only had 3 percent support among all adults. However, 15 percent of young adults (aged 18-24) said they could not live without Facebook.

5. "We aren’t a religion" A claim often made by the religious.

Representative Sample: I can’t tell you how many times, I have heard religions say that their religion “… is not a religion.” Of course, each denier has their own reasons for claiming not to be a religion, but I don’t care what reason they give because basically it comes down to them simply saying, “Look, we are different than all the rest.”

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