Thursday, December 16, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/16/2010

1. "5 Ways to Win the War in Afghanistan" Suggestions worth considering. 

Representative Sample: right now, the massive amount of money flowing into Kabul is fueling the conflict. In a bizarre way, both the Taliban and the Afghan government currently have an interest in perpetuating this conflict: Both parties are making millions of dollars from the aid and development money saturating the country. These funds are distorting incentives and presenting ample opportunities for kickbacks, bribes, and other forms of corruption.

2. "Why I Want More People to Be Rich" Having more rich people is a good ting. 

Representative Sample: Your higher level of spending on goods and services will almost certainly increase the market for whatever I produce. Your increased saving and investment will lead to more capital and more inventions and almost certainly allow me to produce more within an hour’s worth of work.

3. "Apophatic Atheists" Links to an interesting article which is countered pretty effectively in the comments of this post.  

Representative Sample: atheism need not be a definite position. Atheism is about belief, not knowledge. So one can be agnostic atheist, meaning one doesn’t claim to know whether or not gods exist, but one doesn’t believe gods exist.

4. "Duck and Cover!" Pessimistic speculation on why the Obama administration is reviewing what's best to do in the event of a nuclear attack. 

Representative Sample: It’s a blast from the past, it is. I’m old enough to remember “duck and cover”, and for a while there fallout shelters were the “in” thing to have in a fancy new house. The Civil Defense trefoil could be found in all kinds of cellars and the lower floors of strong buildings, and people treated the situation alternately as being a remote risk and an inevitability.

5. "Unreasonable Requests For Religious Accommodation" No matter how stupid they are, if they're based on religion there's someone who thinks everyone has to accomodate them.

Representative Sample: This man, who was convicted of drug possession is a health nut. Hey, if you want to stay healthy, why don’t you quit the drugs?

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