Sunday, December 12, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/12/2010

1. "And Everybody I Know..." Good analysis. 

Representative Sample: The not-so-secret truth is that liberalism isn't a reality based community, it's an unreality based community, viewing the world through the lens of dogma, and using grouping to reinforce those beliefs internally, and clique strategies to bully their 'inferiors' into going along. Their "grass-roots" consist of often for-profit versions of those cliques using insider access and disproportionate access to wealth to enforce their reality on everyone else.

2. "Getting It Right." I think this sums up the reaction of many in the GOP rank and file to the tax deal with Obama. 

Representative Sample: you’re going to come to us and convince us that spending another 250 billion dollars is somehow going to translate to lowering a deficit that, were it a reactor, would be bleeding lethal radiation? The end result will be the same if we, you and I, don’t stop it.

3. "New START Treaty Implicitly Limits Missile Defense" Despite claims to the contrary.  

Representative Sample: The above referenced paragraph of the New START treaty sets a dangerous trap for future missile defense deployments. The current U.S. plan is to deploy increasingly capable defenses in a series of phases to meet what is expected to be a proliferating threat from the likes of Iran, North Korea and Syria. But the language in the New START treaty suggests that any expansion of current missile defenses could challenge the viability and effectiveness of strategic offensive forces

4. "Clinton Refuses to Leave White House" Pretty amusing.  

Representative Sample: twenty-four hours after former President Bill Clinton appeared at the White House to endorse President Obama’s tax plan, Mr. Obama is “still looking for the right way to ask him to leave,” an aide confirmed today

5. "The conservative case for Wikileaks" Even though I disagree and think this article is based on a number of false assumptions, it's worth noting that not all conservatives want Wikileaks suppressed.

Representative Sample: the worst hypocrisy throughout this controversy has been in conservatives reflexively defending the government and attacking WikiLeaks. Since when have conservatives believed that Washington should be able to shroud any action it likes in secrecy and that revealing government’s nefarious deeds is tantamount to treason? Isn’t it government officials who might secretly work for corporate, ideological or transnational interests — and against the national interest — who are betraying their country?

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