Saturday, December 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/11/2010

1. "Progressives and Capitalism" They don't understand it. 

Representative Sample: most progressives would profess to desire iPod’s and cures for cancer. But they want these without the incentives that drive men to invent them, and the disruption to current markets and competitors and employees that their introduction entails. They want to end poverty without wealth creation, they want jobs without employers, they want cars without unemployment for buggy whip makers. When it comes to actual, real-world legislation, progressives will nearly always embrace predictability and egalitarianism over innovation and growth.

2. "The Next Missile Crisis?" More on the Iran-Venezuela situation. 

Representative Sample: what is Mr. Obama prepared to do if Iranian missiles (or even missile components) are detected in Venezuela? We're guessing that Caracas and Tehran already have a cover story for that contingency, claiming the missiles are part of some space research project. North Korea made similar statements before testing its TD-1 and TD-2 long-range missiles and a few western observers actually supported that position, saying that Pyongyang had a "right" to a space program. Will the president follow a similar position when Venezuela and Iran make similar claims?

3. "The Liberal Media and Their Double Standards with Regards to Europe's Policies" Unsurprising.  

Representative Sample: when the electorate of such a country votes to institute a strong conservative policy over the objections of its political elite, the media's fascination with the European everyman evaporates.

4. "Everyone Hates Ethanol Subsidies. Why Can't We Get Rid of Them?" Good question. 

Representative Sample: ethanol subsidies are opposed by just about everyone: researchers, environmental activists, free market wonks, and newspaper editorial writers across the ideological spectrum. Even Al Gore has come out against them.

5. "France Gets German Troops, a Postwar First" On much different terms than the last time they were in Alsace.

Representative Sample: Troops in Germany's 291st Infantry Battalion started moving into a French military base in Illkirch, near Strasbourg, in April, but Friday marked their authorization to take up arms, said French Defense Ministry spokesman Laurent Tesseire. About half of the planned 600-troop deployment is in place.

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