Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Laughing at the Left - Fox News Hatred

One of the funniest things about the left is their over-the-top hatred of Fox News, which dares to be the only right-of-center news channel. Liberals like to pretend that Fox doesn't do actual news reporting, and is merely some sort of right-wing propaganda outfit -- thus the common disparaging nickname "Faux News." I was reading through various left-wing blogs for amusement, and came across an article at The Mahablog, one of my favorite spots to see what some of the most clueless left-wingers are writing about. This caught my attention.
rejoice that we just had the strongest holiday sales season since 2006. That’s something you’ll never hear on Faux News.
Really? Does Fox News deny the reality of holiday shopping numbers? I spent 30 seconds on Google and found this article. From the story:
Strong sales in the coming week would build on the highest-spending holiday season since 2007, which was a record year.
Is the Mahablog author just too stupid to check whether Fox covered the story before writing that line? I doubt it. Instead, as a left-winger, that blogger is comfortably situated in an echo chamber where everyone knows that Fox News isn't a real news organization, just a GOP propaganda machine. This is yet another example of why I laugh any time some liberal starts whining about Fox News. Most of them have no idea what they are talking about, and get their information about Fox from actual propaganda outfits like Media Matters.


  1. Yeah, and Fox is the only one with the courage to expose the war on Christmas.

  2. It appears you are making the common mistake of confusing opinion shows with news reporting. People giving opinions push all sorts of ridiculous stuff -- and not just on Fox. Just because there are some people at Fox who think there is a war on Christmas doesn't mean they don't do standard hard news coverage.

  3. Did you see the interview of David Silverman (the athiest billboard guy) by Megyn Kelly of Fox?

    I liked it. Judging by the comments at YouTube, I am practically alone. Also judging by the comments, I see why athiests have the reputation of being a bunch of angry jerks!

    I heard of the interview from Penn's blog

    Happy New Year!