Thursday, December 23, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/23/2010

1. "Info Wars (Of Another Sort)" An interesting facet of the Korean situation.

Representative Sample: Iran's Stuxnet infection also influenced the strategic calculus in Pyongyang. As a key supporter of Tehran's nuclear effort, it's a good bet that North Korean scientists have received detailed briefings on the worm--and its impact on Iranian nuclear facilities. That information was undoubtedly relayed to Pyongyang, prompting defensive assessments of DPRK nuclear complexes. Given the level of interaction between the two countries, there were probably fears of similar, crippling attacks against North Korea's nuclear infrastructure.

2. "Reapportionment: Policy Matters" Good detailed analysis.

Representative Sample: The reapportionment numbers were not only hugely consequential for the makeup of the next Congress and the durability of the Republican majority, but even a cursory look at the state-by-state numbers one sees the clearest possible vindication of conservative ideas at the state level.

3. "Why Religious People Are Scared of Atheists" Looks at the issue of why the mere existence of atheists offends the religious. Some good points, but I think part of the analysis misses the mark.

Representative Sample: there's a huge difference between making a case for why your religious views are correct... and getting offended, insulted, and martyred over the mere fact that some people disagree with you. Making a case for your position is one thing. Trying to stop other people from making their case is quite another.

4. "More Countries Invest In Marine Forces" Everyone wants marines.

Representative Sample: Theater commanders will say the benefits of a mobile force of marines, operating with naval support and dedicated air and ground assets, cannot be overstated, especially in an era of asymmetric warfare and littoral operations. So effective is this model of rapid light infantry that even landlocked Paraguay has a battalion of marines.

5. "Fading Faith: America’s secular shift" Evidence for the rising tide of secularism even in America.

Representative Sample: quietly, under the radar, much of America slowly is following the path previously taken by Europe. Little noticed, secularism keeps climbing in the United States.

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