Thursday, December 9, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/9/2010

1. "The Left-Wing’s Primary Challenge Bluff" Nothing more than bluster. Most people with the slightest clue on the left know that the chances of getting someone even more liberal than Obama elected are approximately zero.

Representative Sample: They’re bluffing. Left-wing Democrats are muttering about a primary challenge to President Obama in 2012. Some propose Howard Dean, others Russell Feingold.  The president shouldn’t worry overmuch.

2. "Innovation’s Darker Future: Biosecurity, Technologies of Mass Empowerment, and the Constitution" If you need more things to worry about. 

Representative Sample: Using gene-splicing equipment available online and other common laboratory equipment and materials, a molecular biology graduate student undertakes a secret project to recreate the smallpox virus. Not content merely to bring back an extinct virus to which the general population is now largely naïve, he uses public source material to enhance the virus’s lethality

3. "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Muhammad?" Why are so many terrorists named Muhammed? What could be the common thread?  

Representative Sample: For the umpteenth time since 9/11, a guy named Mohammad (or a variation thereof) has been arrested on terrorism related charges.

4. "The Protected Class?" Public sector workers. 

Representative Sample:  if you properly account for both retiree health coverage and pension benefits, the 4 to 11 percent salary penalty reported for state/local workers is easily pushed into pay premium territory, in some cases significantly so. In California, for instance, a 20 percent public-sector pay premium is not hard to imagine.

5. "SpaceX's Dragon: Getting Closer to Commercial Service" With pictures.

Representative Sample: The Dragon spacecraft is shaped like a gumdrop, isn't the sleek single-stage-to-orbit ideal spaceplane that we may see someday: but it's here, and it works.

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