Saturday, December 4, 2010

Popular Pundits with Republican Activists

A site called Conservative Home did a survey that got some attention. They asked 1,152 Republican activists to "name their top three commentators," and then released the results as a top ten list. Here's the breakdown of the top ten: 

Rush Limbaugh: 41%
Glenn Beck: 33%
Charles Krauthammer: 29%
Bill O'Reilly: 24%
Sean Hannity: 21%
Newt Gingrich: 16%
Michelle Malkin: 16%
Mike Huckabee: 13%
Ann Coulter: 13%
George Will: 13%

When I saw this list I immediately thought that this is another example of how out of step I am with the Republican base. Krauthammer is a pretty solid opinion journalist and he's the only one on that list I might even think about naming. I also wonder about the question itself. Although I don't watch political tv shows anymore, I'm probably in at least the top 1% of the population in terms of reading a massive amount of political coverage. But I'd be hard-pressed to name my three favorite commentators. I wonder if these results were skewed by people just coming up with the most visible names


  1. Another example of how out of step could also be that 7/10 if not more are extremely relgious. Especially the likes of Beck, Gingrich, and Huckabee who all advocate putting god back into our country--as if he ever left. Who also think that there is some sort of massive secular take over of our government and this is necessarily a bad thing.

  2. I am heartened to see Charles Krauthammer ranked so highly.

  3. Krauthammer identifies himself as "irreligious." George Will is a confessed agnostic. Interesting that the two intellectual heavyweights are both skeptics in religion.

  4. "Another example of how out of step could also be that 7/10 if not more are extremely relgious."

    True, but unless I'm mistaken Limbaugh isn't particularly reglious and he's the number 1 choice. Gingrich is more religious now than he ever was back in his glory days.

  5. An interesting question is: suppose you decide you're an atheist at an early age, but also want to go into democratic politics?

    Might you not be "economical with the truth" with respect to your lack of belief, or even give the impression that you shared the (harmless) belief in the supernatural of those you hoped to persuade to vote for you?

    I believe this was the case with Abraham Lincoln, and also with Winston Churchill. It would also be the case with me, were I in the situation posited above.

    And it may be the case with intelligent conservative commentators also.

  6. Definitely, unless you don't want to get elected. Atheists aren't exactly popular.