Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/15/2010

1. "Conservatives Demolish Democrats During Mid-Terms & This Is What We Get? More Spending, More Pork, And More Class Warfare" Pretty much. It's just another example of the GOP as only the lesser evil.

Representative Sample: We took more seats away from Democrats then we have in four decades and this is what we get? There was a reason Conservatives demolished the Democrats last month and this deal WAS NOT IT. In fact it was the exact opposite. The tax rates going up would be disastrous for this economy and no one wants that. We had the leverage in this deal….but gave it away.

2. "Obama’s war on drilling is also a war on the poor" That's ok, as long as environmentalists are happy.

Representative Sample: The number of jobs destroyed by the ban is staggering, not to mention the loss of revenue to the federal government and the fact that it will make us more dependent on foreign oil. But the worst thing is what it’s doing to the poor in America. It’s devastating.

3. "The afterlife of Sayyid Qutb" An interesting look at an Islamist theorist and his continuing impact.

Representative Sample: Why has the Muslim Brotherhood's new leadership made a point of bringing to the fore aspects of Qutb's ideology? What aspects of Sayyid Qutb's discourse do they find appealing and/or politically useful?

4. "Israel general drops missile defense bombshell" Yet another example of why telling the truth and politics are often incompatible.

Representative Sample: Eisenkot's uncompromising statement did nothing to ease a spate of dire warnings by political and military chiefs in recent weeks that Israel's cities, particularly Tel Aviv and its densely populated environs, will be major targets in any new conflict.

5. "Lawmakers Grill Navy On New LCS Plan" As well they should.

Representative Sample: Despite the changes, McCain said, program costs escalated, leading to cancellations and an overall restructuring. About six years and $8 billion into the program, the Navy only has two ships, two partially completed ships and a raft of cancellations

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