Tuesday, December 28, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/28/2010

1. "The Founders Were No Libertarians" My immediate thought was that it depends on how you define libertarian, but for the most part I agree.

Representative Sample: The Founders believed in carefully delineated federal powers either broad (Hamilton) or limited (Jefferson, sometimes) but all believed in a more powerful state than libertarians purport to believe in.

2. "When spending more doesn’t help…spend even more?" If you believe that you might be a Democrat.

Representative Sample: you can spend all you want on education. Double it. Triple it. Or cut it in half. And the kids who go home to crappy environments will still have a worse chance of getting a good education, and the kids who go home to good environments will still have a better chance.

3. "It Looks Like You're Writing a Logical Fallacy" Pretty good.

Representative Sample: Dealing with dimwitted debate? I decided to make something that might come in handy.

4. "Apocalyptic Economics" There's a lot of that going around.

Representative Sample: there is a long line of apocolyptic literature out there in multiple fields. The environment is going to collapse and we’re all gonna die (except for smart people like you who listen to us). We have reached peak oil flow and soon the world will run out of petroleum and we’re all gonna die (except for smart people like you who listen to us).

5. "Unions, Lenin, and the American Way" Interesting article with many good points.

Representative Sample: The only real choice before us, therefore, is not between economic inequality and economic equality, but between two types of economic inequality.

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