Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/7/2010

1. "Iran Signals Continued Nuclear Defiance Before Geneva Talks" The negotiating charade with Iran continues.

Representative Sample: Tehran has a long history of cynically using diplomacy to undermine the prospects for more sanctions and to drive a wedge between members of the international coalition that seeks to restrict its nuclear program. Get ready for more “Rope-a-Dope” diplomacy as Iran’s intransigent regime seeks to buy more time for advancing its nuclear ambitions.

2. "UNICEF harms children" Not worthy of donations.

Representative Sample: UNICEF has a ready supply of funds from good-hearted, uninformed people. American schoolchildren “trick or treat for UNICEF” without realizing that some of the money they raise will be spent on terrorist training camps, or on lobbying to keep children trapped in horrible orphanages.

3. "the true story of santa" Sounds strangely familiar.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon.

4. "Pearl Harbor Day – Remembering December 7, 1941, the Day of Infamy" We should also remember the justifiable ferocity of our response. Something many today have forgotten.

Representative Sample: The World War 2 generation is dying off quickly. Our society is becoming more discounted from that era. And yet, so much of our lives today are still wrapped up in the events and consequences of actions during that era. The long reach of history still grips us.

5. "Quick Thought: Unemployment Benefits Stimulate the Economy?" In Democratic fantasy world.

Representative Sample: Go ahead and make the case that this is the compassionate thing to do… but don’t make believe this has anything to do with stimulating the economy any more than the “Stimulus” bill was designed to stimulate the economy.

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