Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/14/2010

1. "Serious" Despite what Nancy Pelosi thought.

Representative Sample: Here’s something that politicians of both parties at the federal level are going to have to accustom themselves to: They can have good ideas born of the noblest intentions that serve laudable public policy goals that are not constitutional

2. "On the death of a wise man" Nice article on Richard Holbrooke. Even if I disagreed with him on policy, I always viewed Holbrooke as someone worthy of respect.

Representative Sample: He created a shop in the State Department that was a prototype of how the U.S. government should be run. It brought together people from every agency into one unified team that defied the old maxim of government that "where you sit is where you stand."

3. "“The Wisdom of Repugnance”" Why the "yuck factor" isn't necessarily a good basis for law.

Representative Sample: social practices that violate various taboos can be revolting even if on reflection the taboos prove mistaken. Accounts of historical attitudes towards interracial sex and marriage, for instance, suggest that people in the past have found that “yucky.”

4. "Averages" Good points.

Representative Sample: the differences matter — and in many situations the actual spread of values is much more important than an average (which can be very misleading).

5. "Wanted: Space Strategy" We need to pay a lot more attention to space in general.

Representative Sample: the Secure World Foundation’s National Space Strategy Project seeks the establishment of a space strategy taking into account the nation’s military, civilian government and commercial space needs in a way that reflects the county’s overall strategic goals

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