Saturday, December 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 12/4/2010

1. "Five Ways to Keep the Poor in Poverty" All of which are in effect.

Representative Sample: Deduct 15.3% from the very first dollar earned for Social Security and Medicare, and then stop the SS “contribution” when a worker’s salary reaches $107,000. How regressive can a tax get? Also, employ terms like “trust fund” and “lockbox” to disguise the fact that these programs are often a direct transfer of income from the working poor to retirees, many of whom are very well-off.

2. "The Cloud is Tethered to the Ground" An excellent point that enemies of that cyber-enemies of the U.S. would do well to consider.

Representative Sample: All the talk of cyber-warfare, however important it is to master on its own terms and in its own "terrain," always seems to neglect that the internet is built on physical infrastructure and people who can be physically attacked.

3. "Ten Reasons Why Atheism Can't Win" An excellent 10 point analysis of why atheists will remain a minority for the foreseeable future.

Representative Sample: Atheism can’t win because it offers no eternal hope. It offers no hope to live forever in a blissful heaven with a loving all-powerful eternal God, which ultimately means that our life has no eternal significance. It offers no hope to ever see dead loved ones.

4. "Israel's Missile Defense: The New Strategic Factor in the Middle East" And one that helps make containment of Iran, as opposed to preventative war, a reasonable option even for Israel.

Representative Sample: A factor up until now neglected in the Middle East strategic picture is Israel’s development of a strong, multi-level missile defense system aimed both against short-range rockets fired by Hamas and Hizballah as well as to guard against a future Iranian nuclear long-range threat.

5. "CALM Act Passed, will quiet loud TV commercials within a year" Government regulation that almost everyone -- except certain advertisers -- can support.

Representative Sample: Rep. Anna Eshoo's (D-CA) bill will require commercials to be at the same decibel levels as programs during which they play. Once signed, the CALM Act will give the FCC a mandate to regulate and enforce volume limits on commercials, ensuring that their maximum loudness does not exceed the average maximum loudness of the program they're accompanying.

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