Monday, March 7, 2011

Execute Christian Longo Already

Eight years ago Christian Longo murdered his wife and three children. He's been sitting on death row for the past eight years, in a prime example of just how ridiculous the death penalty process is in the U.S. Longo admits his guilt and wants to end his appeals.
I have asked to end my remaining appeals, and then donate my organs after my execution to those who need them. But my request has been rejected by the prison authorities.
There are tens of thousands of people waiting for organ donations. Longo's article says 19 die every day. So why on earth would his request to die and donate be rejected?
There is no law barring inmates condemned to death in the United States from donating their organs, but I haven’t found any prisons that allow it. The main explanation is that Oregon and most other states use a sequence of three drugs for lethal injections that damages the organs.
Here's an idea, how about making an exception and using a method that preserves organs? I know, that's just too difficult for government bureaucrats to figure out. They'd rather just stick with their idiotic rules. Longo is a piece of human garbage who should have been executed years ago. But even he wants to do the one decent thing he has left to offer. Oregon should immediately grant his request.


  1. You've heard the expression 'death is to good for him'? There should be no death penalty in this case or any other. Why should these monsters be given the peace of death? All prisons should be work camps where inmates work to produce consumer products usable by society. The work they do can also earn credits that they can use towards food, clothing and essentials. No free ride especially in prison. No TV. No internet. No amusements of any kind and certainly no university education. Their criminal act/s constituted their decision to leave normal society and give up most of their human rights. Let them earn the privledge of drawing breath another day.

  2. They should be put to death to give the families some peace. We will never be able to move on and heal as we should until he is gone. I never had an opinion about the death penalty before. I do now.

  3. I do not agree with the death penalty... but what this man has done is beyond human or animal - there are no words ... I dont even think there is fitting punishment ... I see punishment as a means to learn from our mistakes ... there is nothing to learn in this ... nothing ... this man should not be given the platform to talk ... put him in isolation for life.

  4. this man is narcisstic to the tenth degree. He is not a changed person, he wants one last hurrah in the limelight.

    I know your headline says atheist. I'm a Christian, but I support your right not to be. However, many atheists believe in something.

    So, think about this, what if you are a believer that nature is more important than nurture. Would you want this mans organs in you or your family member? Has nothing to do with religion.

    I'm not sure how I feel. I'll give another example - would you want Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer's body parts in you?

    I'm thinking I would not, just on the CHANCE there might be something to it. There has been people who have had transplants that have said they started liking certain foods or certain activities that they did not BEFORE the transplant. THat's scary.

    Anyway, he should die.

    PS: The reason they do lethal is because it is supposedly humane. I don't give a shit about humane when it comes to someone like this. If you kill anyone, but a child or the elderly in particular, you should die by the choice of the remaining family members or better yet - pick your own death like Florida used to do. Bundy picked his own execution.

    Ok, off my soapbox. This guy is trash.

    1. Goldie, I agree with your post and I was thinking the same thing. What a creepy thought to have any part of this man's body transplanted into mine, but I may feel differently if I was in a situation where my life depended on it. One of the victims friends said it best when she stated if he wants to donate his organs, take them out of his body without any anesthesia. Let him feel the the pain and fear that he put his wife and beautiful children through. He is the worst of the worst. Just a complete monster. May God have NO mercy on his soul.