Thursday, March 24, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/24/2011

1. "How to Blight a War" A concise summary.

Representative Sample: Have I exaggerated Barack and Billery's Wacky Adventure? Have I misstated the sequence of events? I stand willing to be instructed in what really happened -- which must surely be less insane than it looks to us, the observing, here in Sector 001.

2. "Terrorism Flourishes Because It Brings Public Relations' and Political Gains" Palestinian terrorism that is. They are used to being rewarded and excused for it, so why not keep doing it?

Representative Sample:events in the region and the international reaction encourage terrorism. No surprise. If terrorism is not only unpunished but not even criticized internationally--even rewarded with sympathy for the terrorists' cause and criticism of Israel, the victim--why shouldn't terrorist attacks increase?

3. "Lefties defend Obamacare" And do a bad job of it.

Representative Sample: Attack, attack, attack because they cannot defend a government that wants to strangle the best health system in the world.

4. "Revisited: The Drumbeat of 'Humanitarian Intervention?'" Excellent points.

Representative Sample: Selecting places in which humanitarian intervention are acceptable is tough work. However, if one begins with the premise that the intervening nations have nothing to gain by such intervention then justification seems to come easier to some minds.

5. "Hypocrisy on the fly: Obama does Latin America" It's a full-time job trying to keep track of Obama's hypocrisy.

Representative Sample: President Obama had nothing but praise for Chile’s democracy and economic miracle, declaring it a model “for the region and world.” So why is he obstructing the same reforms in the U.S. that gave Chile its success?

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